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World Capital Tower

Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot B Kav. E1.1, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

For Lease Office
Asking rent from Rp185,000.08/sqm/month to Rp250,000.11/sqm/month
Property No. IDN-P-0018X9
All 33 units
*Rent is negotiable
Size Price
111 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
111 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
136 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
189 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
302 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
302 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
684 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
716 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,138 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,200 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
1,229 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,289 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,318 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,346 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,374 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,401 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,427 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,453 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,478 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,503 sqm Rp200,000 /sqm/mth
1,526 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,739 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,756 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,771 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,784 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,786 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,787 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,797 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,820 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,824 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,830 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,831 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth
1,853 sqm Rp185,000 /sqm/mth

Building Information

World Capital Tower is a Grade A office building located in the Mega Kuningan area in Jakarta’s CBD. Aedas; an internationally renowned architecture and design firm based in Singapore designed World Capital Tower. World Capital Tower’s location in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta is such that many nearby facilities and amenities are within easy walking distance which are in addition to on-site cafes and other facilities.

World Capital Tower is strategically located in the centre of the Mega Kuningan which has emerged as a prime CBD location in Jakarta. Mega Kuningan is situated to the north of Jalan Gatot Subroto and south of Jalan Satrio. Many embassies are located nearby and two shopping malls – Lotte Shopping Avenue and Kuningan City Malls are within walking distance. Mega Kuningan is also home to numerous commercial office buildings and high rise residential in Jakarta. Mega Kuningan is accessible by private cars, taxis, ride hailing apps and Transjakarta buses. The toll road entrance is also located nearby meaning access to Soekarno Hatta International Airport is convenient.

Building name

World Capital Tower


Mega Kuningan


Jakarta Selatan


Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot B Kav. E1.1

Floor Plan

Within walking distance

Within walking distance

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