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Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 3, Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan

For Lease Office
Asking rent from Rp180,000.08/sqm/month to Rp350,000.15/sqm/month
Property No. IDN-P-0018PZ
All 37 units
*Rent is negotiable
Size Price
5 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
15 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
38 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
41 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
43 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
53 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
58 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
60 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
64 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
71 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
87 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
129 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
152 sqm Rp250,000 /sqm/mth
160 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
201 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
201 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
209 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
226 sqm Rp350,000 /sqm/mth
245 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
255 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
283 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
304 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
309 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
318 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
320 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
338 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
366 sqm Rp350,000 /sqm/mth
369 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
393 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
396 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
480 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
518 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
526 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
614 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
1,192 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
1,194 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth
1,194 sqm Rp180,000 /sqm/mth

Building Information

Wisma KEIAI is a Grade B office building available for lease only located on Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta. Wisma KEIAI offers various facilities and amenities including travel agent, restaurants, coffee shops, mini market, function room, etc.

Wisma KEIAI is accessible by multiple public transportation including MRT Jakarta, Transjakarta Bus (nearest station is Dukuh Atas Station, in front of building) and Local Train (nearest station is Sudirman Station). Other transportation such as cars, taxi and online taxis are also accessible from Wisma KEIAI. With its strategic location North of Sudirman towards MH Thamrin, Wisma KEIAI building is surrounded by high-end apartments, hotels, universities, hospitals, etc. Wisma KEIAI is within close vicinity to popular shopping centres such as Citywalk Sudirman, Plaza Indonesia Mall and Grand Indonesia Mall in Central Jakarta.

Building name





Jakarta Selatan


Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 3

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Within walking distance

Within walking distance

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